20 unique personal statement prompts to really showcase your skills – 2021 Guide

When applying for schools, colleges, and Universities, one thing you commonly have to provide are write my essay personal statements. Personal statements are a one-page essay that holds your academic,

co-curricular, leadership, and personal experiences followed by your aspirations

for the future. Through your personal statements, you convince your admission officers to grant you admission to your desired institute.


As simple as it may sound, writing personal statements is not an easy task, especially if you are not experienced with writing personal statements. It is always better to get professional help. For example, when I had to write my paper for my college application, I availed myself of online services to provide me with stellar personal statements. There are multiple online platforms available where you can get your admission essays written at affordable rates.


Coming back to writing personal statements, you need to be at the top of your game to create one compelling masterpiece. Organizing your thoughts and experiences in a compelling story needs excellent creativity and strong writing skills. You have to focus all your

concentration, imagination, and skills to ensure that the piece you are writing successfully delivers the intended idea.


In your personal statement, you have to engage your audience. Your personal statement must focus on the Why, What, and How questions. Why the admissions officers should grant you admission. What skills you have to meet your aspirations, as well as the

requirements of the university, college, or school where you are applying and how you are going to achieve your target dreams.


In the following section, we have highlighted for you some of the prompts using which you can write by essay writer compelling personal statements that clearly showcase your skills and individuality.

  1. A lesson learned from a failure

Using this prompt, you can expand on an event or a goal that you failed to achieve but learned a life lesson from it.

  1. An Event That Transformed Your Personality

You can use this prompt to highlight the strong aspects of your personality which you achieved through some significant life experience.

  1. A Person, Idea, or Thing Which Influenced You the most

There is always an ideal which we follow in our life. It can be a person, idea, or event. A good essay writer is the one who engagingly channels his likes in their essays. Do not be biased while narrating your ideal. Instead, focus on how ideal inspired or improved you as a person.

  1. A Novel, Song, or Movie of your likes

You can use this prompt to discuss a piece of writing, music, or entertainment that inspired or helped you in mapping your goals.

  1. An Experience that Changed or Transformed Your Outlook

Use this prompt to focus on a certain life experience that challenged or transformed your perceptions, worldviews, or experiences.

  1. Your Goals in Life

Discuss what you plan on achieving after getting your degree or diploma, which you wish to achieve.

  1. Discuss Your Long-Term or Personality Goals

To make your personal statements compelling, you can highlight your long term goals, especially the ones where you want to see yourself as an improved person.

  1. Something which you want to Change About Yourself

You can discuss something which you wish you can, or you could have changed about yourself.

  1. A significant achievement in the past

You can discuss a significant achievement that you unlocked in recent past years.

  1. Why You Choose a particular college

Your personal statements also heavily depend upon why you choose a particular college or institute to achieve your goals. Make your admission officers believe.

  1. Who would you like to visit from the past?

If given a choice, discuss what intellectual figure you would want to visit from the past.

  1. What was the best advice you ever received?

Discuss advice from someone that made you change your lifestyle.

  1. Any Socio-political event which influenced you the most

You can discuss an event that influenced your ideologies or views.

  1. If given a choice, which animal you will want to become and why

Channel your information about extinct animals and discuss which animal you want to paper writing service see yourself as and why.

  1. Any Advice you want to give your past self

If given a choice to travel in the past, what would you want to tell your past self?

  1. Discuss and Elaborate on your favorite quotation

You can discuss a quotation that has served you as an inspiration or motivation in life.

  1. Discuss your life motto

Elaborate on your life motto and why you choose it.

  1. Discuss how your culture has shaped your personality

Elaborate on your cultural experiences and how they influenced your personality.

  1. Write an Autobiography

You can add a small autobiography narrating the exciting or interesting life experiences.

  1. Discuss an embarrassing moment from your life and what it taught you

You can elaborate on any life experience of yours and how it influenced your personality.

Here you go with some of the interesting plots using which you can create compelling personal statements for yourself. Best of luck with writing your statements.



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